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Should You Use Free Web Hosting For Your Web Video Website

Should You Use Free Web Hosting For Your Web Video Website

When you have decided to take part of the web video craze on your website, you probably have many questions. Some of these questions range from what type of video should you make, is your video long enough and even down to should you put music in your video? However, the most important question that you must utter is should you use a free web hosting company for your web videos? While teeming people use these free web hosting services for their web videos, it is not the best way to innkeeper your web video. But why is this?

The prerequisite reason why hosting your web video on a free server is because many of these free servers will have bandwidth restrictions, but what naturally is this? Every time someone views your video, the video is sent from the hosting server to their computer. This requires bandwidth, and the longer your video, and depending on how it is optimized, you will use a certain amount of bandwidth. If you are like most tribe, than you want your web video to be extremely popular, and thus it will help your business, or ego, grow.

However, when you use a free web hosting server that has limited bandwidth, you may quickly exceed this bandwidth. What happens after this usually depends on the web hosting comfort you are with, although many of these hosting companies will simply shut down your website after it has exceeded your monthly allowance.

While the above answer should be enough reason to not host your web video site on a free web hosting service, many nation still think that this is the best way to promote their video and website. Likewise major downside to using a free web host for your web video website is because it leave make you and your business, if you have one, seem extremely unprofessional. This appearance of unprofessionalism is only increased by the every - lingering pop ups. These banners, ads and whatever else is crawling around your website is nothing extra than an annoyance to your website visitor.

Many people when they come across a website that is loaded shroud banners and other pop - up advertisements quickly leave due to they do not want to venture the chance of infecting their computer by spyware and other malicious content. When you hose your web videos, and website, on a free hosting service, than you are literally destroying any chance of creating a reputable and loyal relationship with your visitors, which will hinder or completely stay bite sales that you hoped would occur from your web videos.

Of course, if you want to host your videos for free, you do have many great options. These options are from the many, reputable, web video hosting sites, such as YouTube and Google Video. These sites bequeath host your web video for free, and you can then direct traffic to your website from the video itself. This is a great way to save money on the amount of bandwidth you have to purchase, as well as giving you a sense of clout among the millions of web videos out there.


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